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Startup Fundraising Course

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This impact startup fundraising course is for you if you are ready to increase your chances of success in raising the necessary capital to grow and scale your impact startup. Create a strategy to reduce the time spent fundraising, start enjoying the process and avoid wasting time pitching to investors that will never invest. Fundraising is not what will make you successful. It's just a means to an end. Your primary goal should be to get it over with and get back to what will make you successful - making things and talking to users. This course will help you do just that...
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What I will learn?

  • A process needed to build an active investor list with the highest likeliness to invest in your business.
  • A strategy of how to approach investors to get a face to face pitching opportunity.
  • A fundraising roadmap with the highest likelihood of successfully raising venture capital funding.

Course Curriculum

Module 1
We dive right in with the foundation layer. A great fundraising strategy requires you to have a good understanding of Why you need to raise capital, Who you ideally want to raise investment capital from, How much funding you require, When is the best time to start fundraising, and How you plan to fundraise. It sounds simple, but it’s not! This module also covers the important milestones to increase your business valuation for fundraising purposes.

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Module 2
A curated investor network is far more valuable than most founders realise. Building a list of investors that will add value to your specific business will save you time and increase your chances of securing investment. In Module 2 we cover methods for researching the right investors, understanding your ideal investor’s investment mandate, how to get introductions to your chosen investors, and what to do when you do get that chance to pitch.

Module 3
Fundraising should be approached and managed in a similar manner to other business processes. We start with your fundraising strategy, which serves as a guideline for all of your fundraising activities. This module covers fundraising process flow, startup funding stages, and creating your own fundraising roadmap and milestones.

Module 4
How does an investor choose who to invest in? Understanding what motivates an investor to hand over their capital is a key component in finding the right investor for your startup. This is especially relevant to the impact and ESG space. We dive into the mindset of the ideal impact and ESG venture capitalist.

Module 5
Can you pitch your business in 2 minutes? In today’s fast-paced world, founders need to be able to catch an investor’s attention as quickly as possible. The shorter and snappier your elevator pitch, the better! The exercise in this module is designed to assist you to come up with the best possible elevator pitch for your sustainable startup, and deliver it in record time.

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