Need help fundraising investment for your impact startup?

Fundraising is not what will make you successful. It is a means to an end. Your primary goal should be to get it over with and get back to what will make you successful – making things and talking to users. +earth is on a mission to find, fund and scale impact startups. This course was designed specifically for founders of impact startups who are new to or struggling with fundraising. This is how you start your fundraising journey with us.

Are you funding ready?

If you are reading this, then you likely have been looking for help with fundraising for your early-stage impact startup. It’s no secret how hard it can be to accelerate and scale from ideation to revenue and beyond – and have the biggest impact – without the necessary funding!

Is the Investment Readiness Course right for you? If you answer ‘YES’ to the following questions, then we designed this course specifically for YOU:

Are you the founder of an impact or sustainable startup?
Are you currently (or almost!) raising your first seed or pre-seed investment round?
Are you new to or struggling with investment fundraising?
Are you new to or nervous about pitching your startup?
Do you have a pitch deck, but you’re not sure what to do with it or if it’s missing any crucial information?

Founders who complete this course can ensure that their business is attractive to conscious capitalists, impact and ESG investors, and increase the success rate of raising the necessary capital to grow and scale their sustainable business. Through this informative course, course creator and facilitator Schalk Kearney offers actionable knowledge and the support founders need to overcome the stumbling blocks to accessing early-stage funding.

Module Overview
Module 1: Strategy to attract and approach viable investors
Module 2: How to build a network of relevant, value-adding investors
Module 3: Best process to approach your fundraising journey
Module 4: Understanding investor motivations
Module 5: Elevator pitch introductions

Startup founders who make the most of the resources and tools provided to get funding ready can attract serious impact investors.

Need a taster first?

The first step you should take is to evaluate how investment-ready your impact startup actually is. Knowing where you stand is crucial to understanding where to focus your energy. Download our free Investment Readiness Checklist and conduct a self-evaluation. When you’re ready to get your ducks in a row, enrol for the fully online Investment Readiness Course with our resident entrepreneur & co-founder, Schalk Kearney.

Investment Readiness Checklist


A free resource for anyone who needs funding and doesn’t know where to begin.

Evaluate your impact startup item-by-item
Identify the gaps holding you back from fundraising
Discover what your next steps need to be
Join our Discord community and chat to us

Investment Readiness Course


This course covers the fundamentals of attracting great investors, key focus areas, and mistakes to avoid.

Process to build an active investor list
Strategy to approach and pitch to investors
Roadmap to successfully raise venture capital
Submit a startup application via our Discord

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