Meet The Team

Schalk Kearney

Pioneering Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Growth

Schalk Kearney is a seasoned entrepreneur whose journey embodies a dynamic spirit of innovation and sustainable growth. With a successful exit from Africa’s largest eCommerce Pet Store, he brings a wealth of experience in building and scaling companies across diverse industries. Schalk’s expertise extends to recognizing alternative revenue sources, comprehending critical business drivers, and nurturing communities for growth and prosperity.

As a former chair of the Entrepreneurs Organisation’s Accelerator program in Cape Town, he is passionately dedicated to empowering startups for substantial growth within limited time frames. Schalk’s leadership catalyses a culture of innovation and growth, while his mastery in crafting diverse revenue streams and optimising income generation processes underscores his commitment to sustainable business models. As a Business Life Coach, Schalk guides and supports entrepreneurs on their journey towards strategic growth and lasting success, emphasising intentionality and commitment every step of the way.

As an integral part of Positive Earth, Schalk Kearney’s visionary leadership and expertise in entrepreneurial growth strategies play a pivotal role. His passion for innovation and sustainable business models aligns seamlessly with the organisation’s mission to foster impactful change.

Carrie Ferguson

Orchestrating Impactful Business Operations

Carrie Ferguson is a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning project management, engagement, fundraising, and operational oversight across both private and non-profit sectors. Her extensive experience has honed her understanding of comprehensive business operations, allowing her to intricately consider clients’ needs and bottom lines.

Carrie excels in crafting enduring methodologies that ensure excellent Return on Investment (ROI) for ventures under her purview. With a focus on fundraising strategies and project management, she navigates complexities to secure resources and efficiently oversees project lifecycles, contributing significantly to their success and sustainability.

Driven by a profound passion for health, economic development, poverty reduction, and social upliftment, Carrie integrates social impact and economic sustainability into every facet of her work. Her holistic perspective aligns seamlessly with Positive Earth’s ethos, where she adds depth to the organisation’s mission through her multifaceted expertise and commitment to holistic business practices.

As an integral part of Positive Earth, Carrie’s focus on integrating social impact into economic strategies amplifies the team’s capacity to drive meaningful change.

Mitch Thorp

Innovating Workflows for Enhanced Efficiency

Mitch Thorp is a dedicated problem solver with a passion for optimising operational workflows. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a relentless pursuit of enhancing efficiency and elevating work quality.

Specializing in identifying and addressing inefficiencies, Mitch excels in implementing strategic solutions to streamline processes and boost productivity. His adaptability and innovation allow him to navigate diverse environments and orchestrate seamless enhancements across operational landscapes.

Beyond merely saving time, Mitch prioritizes accuracy, reliability, and overall work quality, ensuring continual improvement in business processes. His unwavering dedication to efficiency and innovation aligns seamlessly with Positive Earth’s mission, augmenting the team’s capacity to drive impactful initiatives.

As an integral part of the organisation, Mitch’s focus on refining workflows resonates with the goal of fostering meaningful change through innovative and streamlined solutions.