Want to know a secret?

Most businesses fail due to running out of cash! Every business needs money to start, grow and scale and this process can be extremely time consuming and disheartening when you start feeling the cash burn…

Is this you?
I have a valuable startup and feel with the right investor this business can make a huge impact
I’ve contacted every investor in my network and have not found the right fit yet
The fundraising process feels like it’s distracting me from building my business
I’ve become a bit disheartened by the cold calling process
You have spoken to every referral you’ve received, but they don’t quite get it

The problem with seed funding

Fundraising for first time founders is hard! Most founders do not know where to actually start fundraising…

Early stage startup founders do not have an investor network… and cannot find the right type of investor they are looking for!

Most founders do not have a strategy to attract the right investors. They end up resenting the process and failing to raise money in time!

That is why I created this course. To support founders of impact startups to raise the right amount, from the right investors at the right time!

Course Instructor

Fundraising can be challenging and extremely time consuming. I learned this the hard way when I started my ecommerce business back in 2013. The business was taking off after our initial pre-seed round, and we quickly found ourselves growing faster than what we can afford.

The Valley of Death

The problem was that when we realised we need funding we only had 3 months’ runway left! We had a handful of investors in our network, and thought we had it in the bag… Our startup was achieving double digit growth percentages month-on-month, but even that was not enough! Our startup nearly died from burning through cash while we tried to engage with investors in between packing orders and answering customer service queries. We were talking to the wrong investors because we had no strategy or process…

Once we established a strategy and process for fundraising I raised 2 rounds of funding and successfully exited the company a few years later having 10X the investor returns! 🚀🚀🚀

Schalk Kearney

Schalk Kearney

Founder of Positive Earth

Serial entrepreneur and Startup Accelerator Coach with a passion for innovation and impact.