Our Services

Welcome to Positive Earth’s Services, where we offer a dynamic array of solutions to fuel your venture’s success. Our services are designed to address the key pillars of growth and sustainability, ensuring that your project thrives from inception to scale. Explore our offerings in Funding, where we specialise in identifying opportunities and crafting strategic approaches to secure vital resources aligned with your project’s objectives. Dive into Innovation, where we harness cutting-edge technologies and excel in process mapping to drive efficiency and productivity. And discover our expertise in Scaling, as we provide comprehensive support in strategy development and coaching to empower ventures to achieve sustainable growth and meaningful impact. Learn more about each of our services below.


We specialise in identifying funding opportunities and crafting strategic approaches to secure resources vital for project sustenance and growth. Our expertise in fundraising spans diverse initiatives, ensuring financial support aligns with project objectives.


Innovation is at our core. Our focus lies in crafting innovative solutions that drive efficiency and productivity. We excel in process mapping and development, harnessing the potential of AI, APP development, and optimising business processes.


Navigating the journey from inception to scale requires robust strategies. We offer comprehensive support in strategy development, coaching, and advisory services. Our aim is to empower ventures to achieve sustainable growth and meaningful impact.


Funding Empowerment

  • We broaden your horizon to a variety of funding opportunities, building strategic alliances for impactful ventures.
  • Our team stands beside you, offering expert advice on navigating grant applications, perfecting your pitch, and developing fundraising strategies for enduring growth.
  • We’re committed to strengthening the financial health of your venture, ensuring smart resource management for long-term prosperity.

Innovative Leadership

  • At the forefront of innovation, we seamlessly blend technologies like AI and app development into your projects, propelling them into the future.
  • Through dynamic workshops and tailored mentorship, we equip teams with the skills to leverage innovation for superior results.
  • We nurture a space where trial-and-error is welcomed, cultivating a mindset of innovation that transforms challenges into opportunities.

Strategic Growth

  • Crafting bespoke growth plans, we provide in-depth coaching and advisory expertise that go beyond surface-level strategies, delving deep into the intricacies of your venture’s unique landscape.
  • Through in-depth coaching and advisory expertise, we provide comprehensive support aimed at unlocking your venture’s full potential.
  • With our guidance, start-ups reshape their business models for better market reach and robust growth.